Remarkable Service, Innovative Approach

Our Mission

Mike Conner

As longtime members of the greater Olympia community, we take a lot of pride in promoting the things that make this a great place to live. Through the use of technology, social media, and good old fashioned networking, we are taking huge steps in our marketing efforts. No longer are we just selling houses, we are strengthening our community & building networks of people who share our positive outlook on the future of Olympia. I invite you to join us!

President – City Realty, Inc.

What We’re Known For

Today’s consumer benefits from the transparent nature of our online world. It is easier than ever to get to know people before you choose to do business with them. The following is a list of some of the things we believe you will find out about us as you explore our footprint on the web.

Unyielding Positivity

We refuse to let outside circumstances dictate our mood. A positive outlook enables us to approach the challenges that arise each day with the attitude needed for finding solutions. We are realists and recognize that sometimes the market can be difficult. But we believe in the ability of one person, or one community, or one city to bring about positive change.

Reachable and Responsive

It can be extremely frustrating to reach out to someone for help with a question or problem and get no response. Automated customer service can also backfire. That is why we put an emphasis on answering our phone, responding to emails and text messages, and maintaining a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. We want to make ourselves as available as possible to our customers, through just about any mode of communication they choose.

Market Competence

Market conditions change frequently. We are dedicating to continually educating ourselves about the factors that contribute to these regular market fluctuations. This knowledge can be passed on to our customers to help them make educated decisions about purchasing or selling real property.

Active in the Community

We are knowledgeable about much more than just the local real estate market. Through involvement in community programs, volunteer work, and other outreach opportunities we have done our part to make Olympia a better place. As part of these efforts we maintain a website dedicated to highlighting the people, places, and things that make Olympia great –


In our line of work each day and each client is unique, and we are committed to providing the unique service that each set of circumstances requires. We accommodate after hours and weekend scheduling and we can help with a wide range of real estate services.

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